It is better to stand out, than to fit in. 

We spend half our lives trying to fit in with the crowd, only to find those that stand out make it the furthest. #BeYourself


A quick reflection on last night’s London Materials Society “Corrosion of Hip Replacements – Is it a Problem?” conference by Professor Gordon Blunn – 13/10/16

One must say it was a very informative event, as I and perhaps everybody else in the audience gazed captivatingly at a very important figure in medical orthopaedics present us with some truly outstanding findings and results. Much knowledge was gained from attending this conference, and I now hope to be a regular feature at these type of events.

A massive thank you to London Materials Society and Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining for putting this together.

Also a big thank you to Emily for bringing this conference to my attention.

#LookingForwardToTheNextConference #TheWorldOfAMedicalEngineer #DrivenByVision

Yours truly,


#23Things #MyLastThing #TheFinalChapter

Morning bloggers,

It seems my #23Things journey is coming to an end sadly… a few months late but I have arrived nonetheless!

I would like to say a massive thank you to @RDP_Surrey for this interesting and eye opening journey!

I have learnt many things throughout this experience which will surely be useful in the future, but perhaps the greatest of them all is the creation of this blog account. Though, I am not much of a social media user, this experience has showed me the power of the internet and so….

I plan to continue to use this account to share ideas and thoughts that fly around in my cranium from time to time, and who knows one day my ideas could lead to the invention of some amazing things.

Thank you to all who came, saw and interacted… I am truly grateful!

Until we meet again in the future…

Ola!!! #23Things #Thing23 #UoS

Yours truly,