A quick reflection on last night’s London Materials Society “Corrosion of Hip Replacements – Is it a Problem?” conference by Professor Gordon Blunn – 13/10/16

One must say it was a very informative event, as I and perhaps everybody else in the audience gazed captivatingly at a very important figure in medical orthopaedics present us with some truly outstanding findings and results. Much knowledge was gained from attending this conference, and I now hope to be a regular feature at these type of events.

A massive thank you to London Materials Society and Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining for putting this together.

Also a big thank you to Emily for bringing this conference to my attention.

#LookingForwardToTheNextConference #TheWorldOfAMedicalEngineer #DrivenByVision

Yours truly,


#23Things #MyLastThing #TheFinalChapter

Morning bloggers,

It seems my #23Things journey is coming to an end sadly… a few months late but I have arrived nonetheless!

I would like to say a massive thank you to @RDP_Surrey for this interesting and eye opening journey!

I have learnt many things throughout this experience which will surely be useful in the future, but perhaps the greatest of them all is the creation of this blog account. Though, I am not much of a social media user, this experience has showed me the power of the internet and so….

I plan to continue to use this account to share ideas and thoughts that fly around in my cranium from time to time, and who knows one day my ideas could lead to the invention of some amazing things.

Thank you to all who came, saw and interacted… I am truly grateful!

Until we meet again in the future…

Ola!!! #23Things #Thing23 #UoS

Yours truly,



Thing22 #23Things #Thing22

Morning Bloggers,

#Thing22 of the #23Things task list, though is not an actual task, requires one to think about how to introduce themselves to the world via the websites and profiles created along this voyage such as this blog, LinkedIn and Twitter and so forth.

I for one, has always felt the need for a website which would allow me to brainstorm all the strange and wierd ideas that crop up in my cerebrum during the week. By capturing and sharing these ideas, who knows another individual somewhere in the world may be thinking along the same line and we could perhaps bring the idea to past!

Many of my colleagues and friends have informed me that I can definitely use wordpress, LinkedIn and even Twitter for this and so, I tell you don’t be surprised when in some months to come you see some great ideas being presented on here!

For yours, mine and the rest of the worlds sake, I suggest we (myself and you reading this) stay connected! Feel free to also connect via LinkedIn and Twitter too!

Have a good day my friends,

See you soon!


Thing 21

Evening bloggers,

On this nice beautiful day, one has created a ResearchProfessional account for my #Thing21 of my #23Things #Surrey !!! Upon taking a closer look at the Research Professional website, one has noticed that this page is really very interesting and can be extremely handy depending on how an individual uses their account. The webpage seems to provide many things from various research disciplines, information on different types of funding sources around the world and grants, that’s just to mention a few!

Funding sources and grants is one that particularly caught my eye , that’s because as we all know apparently “Money makes the world go round”… which is a very controversial statement when you work with physicists!!! But anyway not to bore anyone too much this evening with ample words, one highly recommends that my fellow researchers take a look at this wonderful page as it will be beneficial.

Anyway, everyone enjoy the rest of the day/week and of course the Euros 2016 too! #Thing21 #23Things #Surrey

Yours truly,


Thing 19 and 20

Evening bloggers…

Though it seems one may have gone silent for a few days… fear not, I have been sharpening my skills on some of the things I have learnt in previous weeks!!!

Worry not and be patient! One will reveal all at a later date….. as they say, life is not a sprint but a marathon! Well, actually maybe nobody says that but me…


This week required me to use two tools that I am perhaps already familiar with, never the less one got on with it as usual! #Thing19 and #Thing20 were to use Doodle pool and Dropbox respectively!

Doodle pool is a very useful tool, as it allows one to ask a group of people for their availability in the time ahead and helps you to organise and book a meeting if necessary, which believe me if you were in my shoes you would find extremely helpful as my supervisors are the most busy individuals on this planet!!!

Now the dropbox tool, whilst it is a great tool to save and share documents and files online between friend, it is actually not wise to use that to store the type of files I work with as they are confidential and so I did not use it for work purposes. However for general sharing one found it to be a great tool, and so I would advice y’all (attempt to sound cool) to try it for yourself!!!


Quite long winded I know… but I am aware you were beginning to miss me, so there you have it!!!

Ciao bloggers…

Yours truly,


Thing 18

Evening bloggers,

#Thing18 required one to investigate the use of the web conferencing software Adobe Connect! One found this program to be interesting and  something of modern day importance. For example it would allow a group of people, lets say based in different parts of the world to engage in a business or non formal meeting from the comfort of their homes!

Whilst I did not use the software during the week of #Thing18 , one will definitely be looking into using it at a later date, as one of the problems faced when arranging meetings with more than one supervisor is their availability! The use of this program would circumvent the geographical issues of supervisors and would make meetings not be such a pain to arrange! #Thing18


Yours truly!


Thing 17

Afternoon bloggers,

Upon delving into #Thing17 , though one was slightly interested in this thing, one was not able to fully understand and thus carry out this task!

As sad a story as that may seem, my spirit refuses to be defeated by this setback, and so one plans to converse with fellow bloggers who may be perhaps hold a better understanding than myself regarding #Thing17 which is about creating licenses for ones work and online pages!

The task itself, could not be completed by myself as it required one possessed a Flickr account which one does not have! #Thing17 seems to have presented itself as a tough task, however as they say “nothing is impossible” and so therefore one looks forward to the future when this demanding task is conquered!!! #Thing17 #23Things



Yours truly,